L’Oiseau bleu.
Op zoek naar geluk

Uitgeverij Snoeck
€ 19,90

The exhibition also includes an accompanying, lavishly illustrated book, with versions in Dutch and French. Following an introduction to the full text of the third scene, ‘The Land of Memory’, the book includes contributions by André Capiteyn, who situates L'Oiseau bleu in Maeterlinck's life and work, Professor Christian Angelet, about the deeper meaning of L'Oiseau bleu, Martine Van Asch, about the contacts between Maeterlinck and director Stanislavsky, Professor Beachboard, about the ‘Blue Bird craze in the United States, and about the incredible impact Maeterlinck and the Blue Bird had in Japan by Professor WF Vandewalle, who did special research on this at the Shira Yuri University in Tokyo.

De blauwe vogel

(in Dutch)

publisher De Eenhoorn
€ 15,95

The exhibition displays for the first time is a series of original drawings by Carll Cneut from the brand new children's book De Blauwe Vogel. This beautiful retelling for children today by Do Van Ranst was published by De Eenhoorn in the context of the exhibition.